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Puyang Xinyu petrochemical Industry Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Xinyu petrochemical,export company Runshang(shanghai)International Co.,Ltd.) was established in 2002, is located in Puyang economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, is to rely on large-scale petrochemical enterprise development of ethylene by-product comprehensive utilization o...
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Core values: hard work and dedication, pioneering and development. Enterprise tenet: customer satisfaction, to be responsible for the society, and promote enterprise development. Business goals: a famous brand of domestic, international first-class enterprise. Enterprise spirit: unremitting self-improvement, overcome, entrepreneurial passion...
A meritocracy, having both ability and political integrity
Meritocracy, merit pay equal attention to
Optimizing environment and cultivate talents
Achievements of experts, professional managers
Hold world with virtue, and professional services
To only the land, only with strong enterprises,
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Address:No.46,West Shengli Road,Puyang,Henan,China 457000
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fax:0086 393 4436988 David Xu 0086 393 8950265 Email:[email protected] Icp:YU13021946
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