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New and information center (2013) the fourth period
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On February 18, 2013


Top cover


Xinhuanet Beijing on February 18th ninety-sixth chairman of the standing committee of the 11th National People's Congress conference held in Beijing great hall of the people Monday morning. Meeting, the 31st session of the standing committee of the 11th National People's Congress on February 25 to 27, the conference will review committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee work BaoGaoGao; Listen to the general office of the standing committee of the National People's Congress on the state of the 12th National People's Congress representative election work report, review the standing committee of the 11th National People's Congress deputies credentials committee about the 12th National People's Congress representative qualification review; Review the 12th National People's Congress to draft a meeting agenda, the draft list of the presidium and secretary-general, lists of people to attend the draft, etc.


Dragon township domain feeling


On February 17, the communist party of China (the sixth of puyang city commission for discipline inspection of the third plenary session. Meeting earnestly study and implement the 18th session of the central commission for discipline inspection second plenary session and the ninth ShengJiWei three plenary session spirit, review our city in 2012 the party's style to build a clean government and anti-corruption work, arrange to deploy the work this year.


Chairman message


Seize opportunities and improve

Xi are listening to the sound and smell of the Spring Festival BaiNianSheng again. Just enter snake, a chemical factory is good news, the resin production and stable operation, fully qualified product quality, production stability, make the company out of the days of the shadow of the normal production, effectively boosted the confidence and vision to employees. Chemical normal production factory, opened a good start for the company development, this is the second factory leadership and efforts of the staff, but also opportunities for the development of the company. Seize the opportunity to expand production, improve quality, achieve benefits in 2013, is the urgent desire of every employee. Chemical plant to seriously sum up experience, innovative technology and innovation methods, stable product quality, improve product quantity, increasing benefits; A chemical plant more policy, scientific planning, to project to the market, to the production efficiency, to the management to improve, drive as soon as possible, as soon as possible to create benefit; To firmly established all around the production of other departments, all services production, all production work ideas, enhance the consciousness of the target, strengthen the responsibility consciousness, strengthen the collaboration awareness; To further advance the elaborating management, strengthen supervision and inspection, to create a strong cultural atmosphere, lead all staff together, and, to seize opportunities, create brilliant.

To seven JiuHe, yan, the ripples of a gentle spring breeze and fresh faces. Let us hand in hand advance together, together, speed up the development of new strides.


The world 500 strong resolute don't 13 (series) of 13 kinds of people


Conformity of livestock, the same, did not dare to cross the step, because they are reserved for his own life too much "impossible". Self-handicapping person like these animals. They designated area to the pursuit of growth, is not willing to break through ego, not active to stir up a burden of one's power. "Hard is useless, it is good to pay enough" is the heart of the bible. "Livestock" throughout his life can appreciate the superego bold! Drilling horns cattle, contentment bliss is not necessarily, random jump out of the fence.


First whiff


The cake is not necessarily the bigger the better


People seem to more and more big, always want to do business, "the cake do big" is also keep the record as big has become quite popular word of officialdom.

Needless to say, if the quality is same, the cake big, of course, is better than small, everyone can share more, or for more people to eat. But, isn't it the bigger the cake is done we will be better? Not necessarily, not necessarily. The white elephant, is not only bad, bad instead.

Instead of pursuing big, fall on the big; Some people regardless of conditions, regardless of the likely blindly pursuing big, what all want to get into, a long enough. Or get started to make this first, that the first. Finally back the heavy burden instead, "the desire is not to".

Big cake, let alone made it big in itself is not easy, to capital, technology, market, management, as not less, weak; Make it big in all aspects to maintain normal operation, safe operation, more is not a simple things.

Visible, cake of course good, but must from set out actually. The possibility of actually didn't do big, might as well do a little bit small. Solid, one step at a time, seem small, but also big. Overcome impetuous mood, in pursuit of big also has done.


The kids


1, benefactor, give you knowledge; The enemy, help you awake; Friends, hand in hand with you; Relatives, you travel; Noble, give you strength; Homo habilis, relieve your trouble; SIMS, make your cautious; Love, send you the spring breeze; Sage, the solution for you; The people, to help you

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