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New and information center (2013) the sixth period
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On March 27, 2013


The durban summit


Two days of the brics summit in durban, 26 night from China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa and other countries more than 5000 people attended the event.

Chinese President xi jinping, South Africa's President Jacob zuma, Brazilian President dilma rousseff, Russian President vladimir putin and prime minister manmohan singh will attend the summit. The summit theme of "brics countries and Africa: committed to the development, integration and industrialization of partnership", the participating countries on economic issues, the relationship between the bric countries and African discussion and dialogue. In addition to establishing the brics development Banks, some economic issues, such as business and industry council, the summit will also discuss issues such as the bric nations to help African countries on the basis of construction.

Top cover


On March 26, the national development and reform commission issued a circular, from today, the highest gasoline and diesel retail prices each drop 310 yuan and 300 yuan per ton, measure to the retail price of 90 # gasoline and 0 # diesel oil (average) per liter by 0.23 yuan and 0.26 yuan respectively, again 7 yuan era.


Chairman message


In developing the "new and dream"

Nor, all things recovery. The party's eighteen big play for the Chinese nation great revival dream; National annual, hot topic, the realization of the Chinese dream. Rich countries, the economic revitalization, the people's happiness, depicting the beauty of the Chinese dream vision. Take the dream of dongfeng, the city's development trend, new and struggled to trough, thrive. Through integration of past for operation, adjustment, crack emulsion problem, technical success, resin production good news, grasp the market expand rapidly increase, the profit, new employees welcome the stranger smile. Stage work summary, definitely scores, but we must be sober. There are gaps and deficiencies, to achieve the established goals still need to go on. Let us use scientific concept will find strings chain, planning, planning, professional, focused, concentrate into action, raise standards, mix, focus on the goal, practice mission, with a brand new spirit, the economic benefits of innovation, realize the new development of dreams.


The way of governing


Obey, beside the

Chief leaders of a unit or department, as example, for example, arouse the enthusiasm of subordinates work should be the most basic political common sense. But in actual work, heard some leading cadres said affiliate with pipe, poor, complain that the "head"). Leadership may be the truth, but he has ignored a deeper problem: defying the tube? If do not conform to the leadership status words you say, do not conform to the leadership do you do? If there is any improper "public servants" when "Sir"? The author thought, want to let subordinates to obey you, first have to let people convinced. If you want to let people convinced, you have to understand the business, have a professional job ideas, work first. Otherwise, even if by your power, by a powerful leadership "aura" make subordinates obey you, but not necessarily convinced in my heart, the result is often with strength and capabilities. Iron and spoiled the tents of the flowing water of soldiers, "obey" is only temporary, only let the subordinates "designed" from the heart, is the unit of the department work the whole advancement of endogenous power.


Oliver totally


Good look to the parents

One day, what is a student of Confucius, xia asked Confucius filial piety, Confucius answer was very simple, just said two words "color". Say to the parents a good face is the most basic filial piety, also is the hardest thing to do.

WanRong is practice, you can't be calm, even in the face of parents who believe that you have to do big business pattern and mind? Every event in the static gas, facing parents keep WanRong is actually come from practice. And true filial piety, want to have a real heart, shall be false. Where is your filial piety, where your filial conduct, these will be reflected in your face. Even if the work have more unhappy, when I come home every day, also want to smile to her parents. Let the old man's heart can stable, may be the children happy smile.


Make recommendations


HuiFeng is a kind of style

25 minutes, this time it's hard to put it and has an important meeting in dongguan, guangdong province. But notable is, the leading cadre conference in dongguan to talk "pragmatic" as the theme, in just 25 minutes to complete all the agenda, is one of the leading cadres of the dongguan "the shortest in history".

Talk is harmful, work development. Experience shows that good style is not speak out, but take out. Style and so on. Therefore, xi jinping stressed that general secretary actively advocate, vigorously carry forward the fine style, at all levels

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